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Inaugural Regional Opioid Advisory Coalitions Held in March
Seven groups met to discuss local needs and priorities
The Role of RCCA: NOFOs
The RCCA develops administers sub-awards to support IDHS/SUPR initiatives
The Remediation Fund: Governance
The Illinois Opioid Allocation Agreement guides the use of settlements funds
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Illinois Regional Care Coordination Agency Logo

The Illinois Regional Care Coordination Agency (RCCA) supports the Illinois Department of Human Services Division of Substance Use Prevention and Recovery (IDHS/SUPR).

The RCCA has three main functions: sub-awards administration, management of the Illinois Opioid Settlements Initiative website and dashboards, and coordination of seven regional opioid advisory coalitions.


Sub-awards Administration

RCCA develops notices of funding opportunity (NOFOs), evaluates applications, distributes funding on behalf of IDHS/SUPR, and works with subrecipients to ensure the funds are used as intended.

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Illinois Opioid Settlements Initiative

RCCA maintains the Illinois Opioid Settlements Initiative website so that the public understands where and how Illinois and local governments are spending funds received through national settlements and opioid manufacturers and distributors.


Regional Opioid Advisory Coalitions

RCCA coordinates seven coalitions, made up of RCCA subrecipients and other interested organizations and individuals, which help ensure that RCCA funding meets the needs of communities disproportionately affected by the opioid crisis.

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Team Collaborating
Advocates for Human Potential (AHP) is pleased to announce the 2 organizations that have been awarded funding to serve as the West Side and South Side Opioid and Heroin Taskforces.
AHP is pleased to announce 14 organizations that have been awarded funding for the initial period of performance as the Community Outreach and Recovery Support (CORS) subrecipients.
(TASC) has been awarded $1,167,000 through June 2025 to serve as the Intramuscular Naloxone Distribution Hub (IMNH) subrecipient

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